Welcome to CELCOR’s New Blog

This new blog is one way CELCOR will be engaging with its Partners, Stakeholders, Friends and Community Groups, to share stories of our programs/activities/campaigns.

You can leave your comments after reading through the stories and make contact with us should you want to learn more. What we post here will also be shared on our Facebook page so you can also follow us on Facebook.

Please share this blog and Facebook page with other people you engage with, who would be interested in the kind of work CELCOR and its partners are doing.


  1. Im really blessed to see such an organization volunteer to stand for the rights of the people concerning their land and environment. I am the customary land owner of Kundiawa Town, Simbu and my forefathers, fathers and i have lost our land to the state for Town development. I tried to stand for our rights but lack the spirit and strength. I would be very happy to partner with CELCOR to pursue the fight for our rights. God bless


  2. CLECOR is doing a significant job to conserve and preserve Papua New Guinea’s environment and it also aims to empower the community to promote Sustainable Land and Marine Resources Management through ” Community Legal Education and Awareness Raising program”. It is good that CELCOR provide other learning opportunity for those who are illiterate and partly illiterate through its community legal awareness and advocacy about how to communicate for development with the Donor agencies, Government, stakeholders and conserve the environment for the future benefit .


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