Sir Arnold Amet Joins the Growing Opposition Against Deep Sea Mining

Former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Sir Arnold Karibone Amet, who was once the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea has joined the Solwara Alliance Warriors against Deep Sea Mining in the Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea.

Sir Arnold Amet
Sir Arnold Amet

In a press statement released on October 19th, the former Attorney General said the legal context for the licensing of Solwara1 is highly questionable as PNG does not have the legal framework to regulate such a mine and no capacity to monitor its impact.

“I am concerned that the Papua New Guinea Government has bought a 15% share in a dodgy project, any operating disasters by Nautilus Minerals will quickly translate into an environmental catastrophe for the Bismarck Sea and its communities. The associated financial liabilities will be huge,” said Sir Arnold Amet.

He supports the call for the release of documents that highlight the environmental assessments being done, the likely damages that will occur to the natural environment and the company’s plan on the disposal of tailings.


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