Sir Arnold Amet Meets with Solwara Alliance Warriors Against Deep Sea Mining

(L – R) Peter Bosip, CELCOR’s Executive Director, Former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet and Lucielle Paru, from the Central Province Pressure Group.

Former Attorney General and Minister for Justice Sir Arnold Amet has met with members of the Warriors Against Deep Sea Mining. This is a step further in his opposition to the Solwara1 deep sea mine, which he made known through a press release on October 19th.

The involvement of Sir Arnold Amet is a boost to the Warrior’s opposition to deep sea mine. He was welcomed by Mr Peter Bosip, Executive Director for Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights, who said the engagement of such high profile people brings to light the significance of protecting the environmental and cultural rights of people in communities who will be directly impacted by this deep sea mine.

During the meet on November 7th, the former Chief Justice was briefed on the stance the Warriors are taking and what they have done so far in their bid to obtain significant documents that the public need to have access to, to make informed decisions. It is the people of Papua New Guinea’s Constitutional Right to have access to and engage in open public debate as stated by Section 5 of the Constitution of this nation.

The major concerns of the Warriors opposing Solwara1 deep sea mine, relate to the methodology that will be used in extracting the minerals, the chemicals that will be used and the tailings that will be disposed back into the sea.

“The PNG Mining Act has nothing specific to mining in the sea and this deep sea mine is the first of its kind in the world therefore, Solwara1 is a ‘guinea pig’ project that could end up like Ok Tedi, with so much environmental damage, create inaccessibility to local food source, and transportation for the local people,” said Mr Bosip.

It is important that more stakeholder meetings be held to discuss issues surrounding Solwara1 and for the government to weigh out the profits they will make at the expense of the natural environment and whether this project is worth going ahead with


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