Largest Terrestrial Conservation Area Declared in Managalas

“360 000 hectares of Managalas Plateau has been declared the largest terrestrial conservation area in Papua New Guinea.”

In a ceremony at Itokama, in the Afore District of Oro Province, Minister for Environment and Climate Change Hon John Pundari and Governor for Oro Province Hon Gary Juffa, officially declared the forests of Managalas Plateau, to be for biodiversity conservation.

Mr Pundari said this is a milestone for the people of Managalas in conserving this vast land for their future generation and for Papua New Guinea.

It has been a 32 year journey where the Managalas people have worked with Partners with Melanesians with funding from Donors especially, Rainforest Foundation Norway on conservation, biodiversity and livelihood sustainability.

“That’s a significant contribution to the global protected areas statistics. The people of Managalas have decided against all the temptation of destructive development to establish a legally protected conservation area for the benefit of generations to come”, said CELCOR’s Executive Director, Mr Peter Bosip.

Other delegates present at the launching were UNDP resident representative, Roy Trivedy, Beate  Gabrielson from Norwegian Embassy in Canberra and Rune Paulsen, from Rainforest Foundation Norway.

CELCOR would like to congratulate the people of Managalas and is proud to have worked with them through Partners with Melanesians.


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