CELCOR has new Strategic Plan for 2018 – 2020

CELCOR Staff and key stakeholders at Vila Karai Resort outside Port Moresby

Just before Christmas and New Year break in December last year, CELCOR held its strategic planning meeting at Vila Karai Resort outside Port Moresby. The meeting saw key stakeholders gather for a week to help CELCOR develop a plan for its programs and administration from 2018 to 2020.

The report from the external evaluation carried out in November 2017, was also presented and formed the basis of the new plan as it highlighted areas that needed to be strengthened or improved. The vision and mission of the organization was also aligned into the TOR of the meeting, enabling different views and recommendations to be consolidated into the strategy.

“CELCOR is a unique organization. It is the only legal organization that currently provides pro bono support to communities as well as contributing to policy and legislation changes. Our work directly impacts environmental governance and the protection of human rights. Therefore, the strategic planning was paramount, as we needed to make sure our programs and organizational management is functional and effective,” said Peter Bosip, Executive Director for CELCOR.

A draft strategy was put together by the end of the meeting and will be deliberated on once CELCOR’s Board and Management resume work in January 2018.


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