Legal Interns Join CELCOR

Legal interns 4
Betrina Geluwa (left) and Steven Jilawara (right) both in their final year of studies at UPNG.

Two law students from the University of Papua New Guinea have joined CELCOR under its Legal Internship Programme.

Betrina Geluwa and Steven Jilawara , both in their final year of studies, started their internship this week and will be attached for a period of twelve months.

Throughout their internship, they will be giving para legal assistance to CELCOR’s legal team. They are also expected to assist the Community Legal Education and Awareness program and also be involved in communications and networking.

Betrina and Steven are both keen on environmental law and hope that this internship would give them practical experience on the current environmental issues facing the country.

“I will be doing my major research paper on landowner issues in mining communities and I know this internship will give me practical hindsight and knowledge,” said Steven Jilawara.

“I want to be involved in community awareness and see how some environmental issues are addressed at the community level,” added Betrina.

CELCOR’s Legal Intern Program is designed to build the interest of law students who have the passion and drive to further their legal career in Environmental Law and Natural Resources Law. In this day and age when natural resources are being exploited for financial gains without following customary regulations, policies and procedures, and due processes, there is a growing need for the legal profession to protect the indigenous people and their user rights over their resources. The internship provides an opportunity for law students to gain industrial experiences on how they can be able to help Papua New Guineans through law.

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