Planning for 2018 Activities

Planning 3
CELCOR Staff during the planning meeting 

CELCOR ended the last three days of January planning its activities for 2018.

This saw Direct Legal Assistance, Policy Research and Law Reform, Community Legal Education and Advocacy, and Finance and Administration plan out their activities for 2018.

It is anticipated to be a busy year for CELCOR as each program will take on communications and networking as cross cutting, into each of their programs as well.

The meeting was important as it aligned the specific tasks for the year providing   effective coordination of work for the organization in achieving its ultimate goals and objectives through successful engagement and networking with partners and stakeholders.

In his opening remarks, CELCOR’s Executive Director, Peter Bosip challenged staff to use the SMART acronym in their planning. He stressed the importance of having activities that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

The three year strategic plan document that was put together at the end of last year set the basis to this year’s plan and guided the activities. There were also outstanding tasks from last year carried forward to be achieved this year.

Having set its focus for the year, CELCOR hopes to continue working with communities, partners and stakeholders to successfully and effectively carry out its program activities.

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