CELCOR Congratulates ACT Now PNG on the Launch of their New Campaign

Part of the audience from Media and Civil Society Organizations present during launching of the Campaign.

CELCOR congratulates ACT Now PNG on the launch of their new advocacy campaign at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby on 17th of April.

The campaign titled ‘Celebrating and Defending Customary Land’ includes a new television advertisement to be shown nightly on EMTV and a range of new publications including reports, brochures, factsheets, infographics, videos and posters.

These advocacy materials will empower people to defend their customary land and not fall victim to the false promises of those who want to take land away from the people. They will help address the urgent need for better information at all levels of society about customary land, its values and threats.

CELCOR is passionate about issues ACT Now is addressing in this advocacy campaign and agrees that customary land is the only resource on which we can build a sustainable future that benefits the majority of the population rather than just a tiny minority. As such, CELCOR will also be accessing some of these campaign materials to use in its advocacy and legal education programs in rural communities in PNG.

The campaign resources include:

  • Brochures on Customary Land Lies
  • Report and Factsheet titled ‘Land Registration: Too Dangerous to Touch’
  • Video/TV Advert on The Real Value of Customary Land
  • Factsheet on Papua New Guinea’s Real Economy
  • Inforgraphic and Poster on PNG’s Population Explosion
  • Research Paper titled ‘Framework for Assessing Compensation for Wrongful Loss of Customary Land
  • Video and Brochure titled ‘The Circle Triangle Story’ and;
  • Video titled ‘Don’t Register Your Customary Land’

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