CELCOR Staff Carry out Legal Patrol to Bring Closure to Pomio Case

CELCOR staff have completed a legal patrol in West Pomio to bring closure to the Pomio District Court case which CELCOR won for the landowners earlier this year.

Principal Lawyer Evelyn Wohuinangu, Policy Lawyer Arthur Dalye and Legal Intern Steven Jilawara visited Manginuna village located within Portion 196C and Mauna village located within Portion 197C and met with the community as well as Councilors and community representatives from neighboring villages of Malmal, Totongpal, Kaiton, Gugulena, Lau and Bairaman.

“We went back to the community to explain to them the legal implications of the District Court decision of 18th February 2018, so that people in the community understand the outcome of the case ”, said Principal Lawyer Evelyn Wohuinangu.

These forested communities in West Pomio can now continue working with the defendants to progress existing litigation in the National Court challenging the validity of the oil palm projects on their land.

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