CELCOR Conducts CLE Workshop for Bismark Ramu Group

BRG Workshop
Rebecca Melepia and Arthur Dalye with Bismark Ramu Group Staff and Coordinators after the CLE Training in Madang

CELCOR’s Community Legal Education (CLE) Program has successfully carried out a week long workshop for staff and community facilitators of Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG).

Policy Lawyer Arthur Dalye and Community Legal Education Officer Rebecca Melepia were in Madang from 14th to 19th May, where they conducted the workshop using CELCOR’s Community Legal Education manual and toolkit.

“With the increase in development, our society and the environment we live in, is changing rapidly. Laws are also developed to accommodate these changes in society so BRG saw the need to keep themselves abreast of these changes in the Law so they can inform communities during their awareness programs”, said Arthur Dalye.

This workshop contributes to CELCOR’s goal of making more people aware of their human rights and laws relating to natural resources so people are empowered to respond to issues.

It’s also increased CELCOR’s stakeholder engagement.

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