CELCOR Supports CBO in REDD + Initiative


On June 6th 2018, CELCOR’s Policy Lawyer, Arthur Dalye, was in Nebilyer in Western Highlands Province, with As Ples Foundation to participate in their commemoration of the World Environment Day. This day was also significant to the Nebilyer people as they were launching their ‘Kirapim Wok Bung Bilong Nebilyer Stap Green’ campaign; where they want to plant 790 000 trees in the Nebilyer valley.

The Nebilyer valley had for years been known for tribal fighting however, seven years ago the warring tribes made peace and have now agreed to keep the valley green with trees. All thirty four leaders within the valley and their people came together to show their support for the program and made a commitment to work together in planting trees throughout the valley.

CELCOR in its mission to promote the sustainable use and management of natural resources and the environment; was delighted to be a part of this program by showing our support to a local CBO that is working hard to protect and conserve the natural environment.

“I was happy to be part of the program with As Ples Foundation and the people of Nebilyer in their Planim Diwai campaign. They’re doing tremendous work that is directly contributing to the REDD+ initiative,” said Arthur Dalye.

CELCOR is keen on working with communities who want to conserve or sustainably manage their natural resources and values such participation with As Ples Foundation, where we can extend our working relationship.

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