CELCOR staffs and family members at Sir John Guise stadium during 2019 SASWAC day.

SIR ANTHONY SIAGURU WALK AGAINST CORRUPTION is an organised annual event by Transparency International PNG. The event is TIPNG’s largest fundraising and awareness activity, bringing over a thousand people from the government, private and civil society sectors together to show their support against corruption through a peaceful walk.

The theme for this year’s walk was Justice = Enforcement + Reporting. Through the theme, TIPNG is promoting justice for corruption through enforcement of the Law by agency/agencies responsible and the reporting of corruption by all citizen.  

The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR Inc.) has put its support behind TIPNG by taking part in this year’s walk.

CELCOR join the rest of the likeminded agencies in the walk because the theme for this year falls in line with our organisational Legal Assistance and Advocacy programme where we focus on Natural Resource Laws and Advocate to Promote and Defend Environmental and Customary Rights of Papua New Guineans.

In PNG, protection of the environment is an area where the gap between law and practice is evidently highly contentious. The problem is compounded by poor enforcement of environmental (natural resource) laws and policies by the responsible government agencies. PNG has a very poor record of compliance to environmental regulations and violations have real and profound effects on the lives of people. Invariably, local communities are absent from the processes that oversee environmental assessments and the management of socio-ecological impacts.

In order to raise the concerns of local communities and the general ecosystem status, a number of approaches including the Walk Against Corruption is sought to advocate for proper enforcement of environmental laws and regulations while recognition and respecting of customary rights in Papua New Guinea takes precedence against economic benefits.

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