The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights Inc. held its 6th Annual General Meeting on Friday November 20, 2020 at the Catholic Bishops Conference, Port Moresby.  The Annual General Meeting is the annual convening of CELCOR financial members.

Coinciding with the Annual General Meeting, CELCOR launched its organizational website and recently published a co-authored report on the push by Mayur Resources  to develop coal industry in PNG, titled The Coal Agenda.

The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights launched a new website. The website is one of the tools that will help the organization to serve its function. The website is user friendly and interactive. This will enable effective and convenient dissemination of information by CELCOR, its clients, its donors and the general public, in a manner of accessible efficiency.

“In an era where technology is gaining momentum, the timing is right for a growing organization such as CELCOR to have its own website. CELCOR’s work covers the whole country and given the geographical hardship, it will be much easier having a website for easy access of information by our partners and donors”


The new website is open to public and can be accessed here.

Concurrently launched, was the CELCOR and Jubilee Australia co-authored publication, The Coal Agenda, which raises significant concerns about the coal production proposal by Mayur Resources , in building the Pacific’s first coal fire powered station and creating a coal industry in Papua New guinea.

CELCOR and Jubilee’s report argues that the project is unnecessary, that it would have serious health and environmental impacts and the electricity it generates would largely benefit only mining companies, not communities.

The report shows that PNG does not need coal-fired power, which is more expensive and more polluting than the many renewable energy sources – hydro, solar and biomass – that we already have readily available.

This project does not stack up and it isn’t in the national interest of Papua New Guinea and could lock the people into more expensive and dirty power for 25 years. CELCOR and its allies are calling for PNG Power Limited, to reject Mayur’s proposal for a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) and the government of the day to place a moratorium on coal extraction and combustion in this country.

Support the call to SAY NO TO COAL by signing up for the petition in the new website http://www.nogatcoal.org or through the link provided here.

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